Exhaust Emissions TestThe NCT is a safety test for the balance of such items as brakes,suspension systems and other safety concerns. However you should not assume that because a car passes an NCT, that the car is OK to keep driving without regular servicing, as the NCT does not dismantle such items as brakes,check the condition of engine oil ,gear oil levels, brake fluid boiling point etc..

The above checks are very important to avoid considerable expense in the future and prolong the life of the vehicle,as oil is the life blood of the engine. Not carrying out preventative maintenance and not servicing a car will worsen fuel economy which is particulary relevant to us all at the moment.

A big percentage of the NCT test is left to the tester's own discresion and inevitably his opinion can sometimes differ to ours on certain items, which can be fustrating for ourselves, the tester and most importantly, you the customer. This is why we would recommend that if you have your car well serviced and maintained, that when you are called for the test we would recommend doing a basic check which is not a full NCT check. The following are the list of items we check



Brake hoses & lines,Service brake pedal & brake operation,Hand brake lever operation,Mechanical brake components,Brake master cyclinder and connections,Brake fluid.


Tyre thread depth & general condition,Spare wheel & carrier where applicable,Tyre spec. & compliance markings.


Front & Rear springs & suspensions ,Condition of Shock Absorbers, Play in steering wheel ,Wheel bearings, Steering linkages.


A very important check for the NCT.


Brake lights & Bulbs, All indicators, Rear & Side lamps,Registration plate Lamp. Headlight condition including brackets & mountings and Headlight Focusing.


Exhaust System, Windscreen wipers & Linkages,Correct Registration Plates, Condition of safety belts & seats,Windscreen & mirrors, Horn, Fuel lines and connections, Doors & Locks ,Condition of chassis & underbody, General condition of bodywork,Transmission.Speedometer.Removal of Hubcaps

If your car fails on an item, then you only have to fix this item for it to pass a re-test. The NCT test cost €55, while a re-test costs €28, though a re-test that only requires a visual inspection is free.

The main failure items in 2010 as per NCT.ie were

• Brake lines/hoses
• Headlamp condition
• Indicators/Tell Tales
• Tyre Condition
• Tyre Specification

Please don't hesisitate to give us a call if you have any concerns or queries about your NCT or indeed on  any vehicle problems that we may be able to help you with. Again our contact nos,are 071 9160521 or 071 9158888.