The components of hydraulic braking systems are subject to considerable stress and as a result require frequent inspection and routine maintenance.
ABS brakes are made up of mechanical and electronic components all of which are open to wear and tear as well as ageing. You may be experiencing a braking fault, noise or vibration, a pull or pulsing. A spongy brake pedal or a parking brake fault. With our current knowledge and technical equipment we can provide professional repair to braking systems.

Mechanic Working On Brakes

We test brake fluid as part of our service schedules. It is recommended to have your brake fluid changed every 2 yrs.regardless of the vehicle age. Brake fluid absorbs atmospheric moisture. If it contains too much water, the function of the Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Programme (EPS) will be impaired.

Interestingly enough,the most common fault that the AA is finding with cars as they service them is badly-worn brake pads as per an article in The Irish Times.

Brake Disc Check